RF900 Wintal Cordless Headphones_front_nostand

RF900 Wireless Headphones arriving this month

The Wintal RF900 Wireless Headphones are out of stock, but don’t worry–there will be a new shipment arriving this month (Nov 2012)!

Featuring 900MHz RF technology, these Wintal wireless headphones provide hassle-free frequency auto-tuning, reducing interference for personal audio enjoyment. Simply connect the headphone base to any sound source and enjoy cable free listening.

Also in this shipment, replacement parts for the RF900 and WDH11 will be available: RF900BAT Replacement Batteries for both the RF900 and WDH11, RF900EP Replacement Ear Pad (sold individually) for RF900 and WDH11EP Replacement Ear Pad for WDH11 (sold individually).