About Us

In 1997, Wintal was established as a supplier of innovative audio & video products. Our organisation entered the Australian market by introducing a range of high quality DVD players, CRT televisions and hi-fi speakers. Most of our earlier televisions were manufactured in Europe incorporating Panasonic tubes to ensure the best performance and reliability.

Since then, Wintal’s product range gradually expanded to include AV and stereo receivers, DVD recorders and mini systems, headphones and, most significantly, HD digital set top boxes and personal video recorders (PVRs). We also manufacture a full range of HD LCDs and like in the days of CRT, our LCD’s only incorporate the best panels available from the world’s largest manufacturers like LG, Samsung and AU Optics.

Wintal was one of the first brands to import set top boxes to Australia. Today the Australian government is switching to digital and will finish broadcasting analogue TV transmission over several stages. Wintal’s experience in DVB-T and our commitment to research and develop new technologies will further advance our digital receiver’s reliability and offerings. Our latest HD set top box and personal video recorder is a testament to our commitment to continue improving our products year after year.

Wintal’s office, warehouse and service centre is located in West Melbourne, Victoria. We have nationwide distribution channels via an array of dealers including retailers, installers and distributors.