Wintal’s new LED15 range of LED TVs has arrived!

The new LED15 Range of LED TVs have just come off the truck!

With the superb list of features last year’s models sported–now with a thinner bezel and more stylish stand!

The new LED14-15 range of Wintal LED TVs feature integrated Digital HD Tuners and built-in PVR functionality so you can enjoy free-to-air TV without expensive or messy set-top boxes. Not only can you record and pause your favourite TV shows to an external USB drive, but you can also playback common video, music, and image files without the need for external media players!

Available sizes: 19″ (19LED14HD),  24″ (24LED14FHD), 32″ (32LED15HD), 42″ (42LED15FHD), and 50″ (50LED15FHD)