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This section of our site provides step-by-step instructions to accomplish certain tasks with your Wintal product.

It will be a growing collection so be sure to check back every now and then.

If you are not able to solve a particular task, then do not hesitate to post an open question on our F.A.Q. or e-mail us.

The following Guides are available:

DVDR-X30 USB to DVD Quick Guide

After you have updated your firmware for your DVDR-X30, check out our quick guide to make the most of the USB-to-DVD Archiving feature.

View or download the PDF file.

Wintal DVDR-X5 DVD Recorder

1. Disc Finalization

To be able to use your DVD+R discs with standalone players, you will have to finalize your discs.
Download this easy-to-follow, 5 step guide that will show you how to finalize your disk so they are compatible.

Wintal Set Top Box

These guides apply to the Win1X (Discontinued)/ STB-X5 Digital Set Top Box and PVR-X10 Personal Video Recorder.

1. Connecting Your Set Top Box

Details how to connect the unit to your TV using the supplied RCA cables.

2. Setting Up Your STB

How to set up your set top box to receive broadcasts.

3. Adjusting Screen Settings

If your picture appears to be boxed in or squashed, you can easily fix it by changing the screen type setting.

4. Restoring Factory Defaults

Follow this easy, step-by-step guide to restore your set top box back to it's factory default settings and rescan to pick up previously missed channels.

5. Win1X Firmware upgrade instructions

This Firmware upgrade instructions are for the now discontinued Win1X. Do not attempt to apply this update to any other product.

Step-by-step guide to update the firmware of your Win1X STB to allow closed-captions and fix the logical channel numbering.

6. PVR-X10 F.A.Q.

Read some frequently asked questions regarding our widely poular PVR-X10 Personal Video Recorder.


DVD Players

1. Connect your DVD player to your 5.1 system or TV

What the outputs at the back of your DVD player mean and how to connect them.



1. SW4500/SW500 Connection Guide

A one-page PDF file explaining the back panel of the SW4500/9000 Subwoofer.



PDF files require the free Adobe Reader