PVRX2 Firmware

Issues fixed

This firmware will update your PVRX2 to the following version: 192B1

We have had the engineer responsible for the PVRX2 with us for a week where we were able to demonstrate problems with the previous firmwares. This update addresses the major issues that were still affecting some users.

  • Release date: July 26 2007 12:07:34
    • FIXED Weekly/ Weekday recordings would continue to occasionally record daily. This has been addressed with this firmware update.
    • FIXED Random channel drop outs when stopping recordings etc. have been fixed.
    • IMPROVED Skip time during playback was previously based on the length of the recording. This issue has now been fixed and the PVRX2 will skip through playback based on the setting under the "PVR Settings" menu. As the PVRX2 playback is software controlled, the skip time may be off by 1 to 3 seconds.
    • NEW! Automatic bookmarking when exiting from playback. Allows you to easily forward to your last viewing position.


You can confirm which version you are running by entering the System Information menu on your PVRX2 (under "Menu > Information")

What you need:

  • Computer with a 9-pin serial port
  • Male-to-female RS-232 9-pin serial cable
  • Upgrade tool
    Download here (upgrade_tool.exe 1.1mb)
  • Firmware package
    PVRX2_192B1.pck (4.4mb)


If you are updating from version 1.80, make sure you back up your recordings on your hard drive as the new firmware will update the TOC (table of contents) file and convert your list of recordings in to one continuous recording.

If you are updating from version 189 b3, you will not be affected. But as upgrading firmware is a serious issue, we still advise you backup your recordings before proceeding with the upgrade.

  1. Download files
    Download the upgrade tool and firmware package to an easy to remember location on your PC.
  2. Install the upgrade tool
    Locate the upgrade tool on your hard drive and double click it to begin the installation. Follow the on screen installation instructions. Deselect "Launch COMUpgrade" at the final step of the installation and hit finish.
  3. Switch off PVRX2 and connect RS-232 cable
    Ensure that your PVRX2 is switched off and connect the RS-232 serial cable. One end to your PC, and the other end to the PVRX2.
  4. Locate Radio PVRX2_190_B1.pck firmware package and open
    Double click on the Radio(07.3.28).pck file to load it in to the upgrade tool
  5. Turn on your PVRX2
    The upgrade process will automatically begin.
  6. Wait for upgrade to finish
    The upgrade process can take up to 10 minutes. So please be patient and make sure power to either your computer or your PVRX2 is not interrupted. A dialog box will notify you that the upgrade process has been completed. Hit OK and exit from the program. Your PVRX2 will automatically reboot and rescan channels.
  7. Enjoy!

Previous Versions

  • 191 Final Release date: June 30 2007 17:37:26
    • FIXED Weekly recordings would ocassionally record daily
    • NEW! You can now change the Schedule name in the Schedule list. To do this, add your Scheduled event as per usual, and then hit the OK key to select the "Modify action" menu. You can now change the default name to anything you like.
    • IMPROVED the user interface in the Shedule list screen. Full date information will no longer show on Daily, Weekly, or Weekday events.
    • FIXED The built-in clock now updates via the digital broadcast instead of having to set it up manually.
  • 190 B1 Release date: May 23 2007 15:44:57
    • FIXED Some users have reported random channel dropouts. This upgrade fixes it.
    • FIXED "Divide record by EPG" not remembering setting
      When you changed the "Divide record by EPG" (Main Menu > HDD > PVR Settings) to "Off" from its default "On" setting, the menu will still show you it was "On," although it would be off. EPG split will now display the correct setting
  • 189 B2 Release date: March 28 2007 10:12
    • This update includes various bug fixes and performance enhancements
    • NEW! You can now set the default recording duration.
      Access it via HDD –> PVR Setting –> Default Recording Duration (options are: 0.5 h | 1 h | 2 h | 4 h | 20 h)
    • IMPROVED the maximum Scheduled Recording Offset time has been increased from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.
      HDD –> PVR Setting –> Schedule start time offset and Schedule stop time offset
    • FIXED intermittent issue where recordings display a black screen during playback
    • IMPROVED Various GUI elements on the Schedule Recording screen for increased user friendliness (enhanced date information etc.)