PVR2HD Firmware

Issues fixed

  1. Sound drops out when using optical output
  2. Improved hard drive life
    Factory default will reset the time-shift feature to “never,” which will now automatically turn off the hard drive after 5 minutes if there’s no recording activity. This greatly improves the longevity and reliability of the built-in hard drive.

Once you install this firmware, it is highly recommended that you reset to factory defaults. This firmware update will NOT erase your previous recordings.

This firmware also includes the previous fix which corrected an intermittent issue where attempting to fast forward recordings results in the PVR2HD rewinding playback instead.


To upgrade your firmware, first download the above firmware upgrade and then:

  1. Download the firmware here, and unzip to a working folder
  2. Ensure your PVR2HD is switched off at the back and connect your PVR to your computer’s serial port using a RS-232 serial cable.
  3. Open “PVR2HD Upgrader.exe” and click on “Start”
  4. Select the “Wintal-PVR2HD-20080710.rs232” file.
  5. Once the firmware file is loaded, turn on your PVR2HD. The upgrade process should automatically begin.
  6. Once the process is complete, confirm firmware change in the “System setting > System Information“screen.