PVR10HD Firmware

Issues fixed

This version: 100.06.08 (30th August 2011)

  • Bookmark bug fixes
  • Interface changes


To check whether you already have the latest version or whether the upgrade has been applied successfully, go to MENU > SETTINGS > SYSTEM INFO

  1. Right-click and choose ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Save Link As’ to download the upgrade file: PVR10HD_20110830.rs232
  2. On your computer, copy the RS232 file to a USB flash drive
    1. IMPORTANT: Make sure there is no other file on your USB drive with an .RS232 extension.
    2. Make sure your USB flash drive is formatted as FAT32.
  3. Plug in the USB flash drive to the rear USB port on your PVR10HD
  4. Wait till you see the “USB Device is OK” pop-up message on-screen
  5. Go to MENU, select SETTINGS
  6. Select “SOFTWARE UPDATE” and press OK
  7. Enter the local password (default is 0000)
  8. Highlight the firmware upgrade file located on your USB flash drive and press OK
  9. Wait for upgrade process to complete. Your PVR10HD will restart and rescan for channels automatically.

Previous updates

  • 100.06.07 (Release date: 09th August 2011)
    • Resume playback recordings on HDD
    • When playback ends, unit goes back to live TV automatically
    • Front panel displays 9001 for AV1, 9002 for AV2 inputs, instead of C900 display for both AV inputs
  • 100.06.06 (Release date: 22 March 2011)
    • Recorded file editing problem, the unit will lock up when cutting a file to the end.
    • Improves signal strength

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I lose all my settings?
A. Yes. Upgrading your PVR10HD will reset all settings to their factory defaults.
Q. The PVR10HD will not recognise my flash drive?
A. Please make sure your USB flash drive has been formatted as FAT32 and not NTFS.

Free Upgrade Service

We will be providing a free upgrade service to its customers who are unable to apply the update at home. Feel free to bring in your PVR10HD to the following address, and we will upgrade your PVR10HD on the spot, free of charge. Call (03) 9321 8300 if you need more information.

Radio Parts Group
562 Spencer St.
West Melbourne, VIC 3003